A Supplemental Food Resource


Our mission in the community:

Is to help people help themselves to meet the needs of their households by the following:

  • To provide food, aid and other assistance to the low-income, disabled, children and elderly in the Tualatin Valley, Oregon area.

Tualatin Valley Gleaners is a supplemental food program serving the greater Washington County Area, made up of low-income members of the community working together in collaboration to promote food security for all. The TVG incorporated in 2005 and began their mission of providing a stable way for families in need to access quality nutritious foods on a weekly basis.

  • Our clients gain more than just food by attending the gleaners each week. We focus on dignity and compassion for others in need. By offering a variety of information and services, we are hoping to provide the members with stability and tools for self-sufficiency in their lives.

  • Gleaning experiences
  • Weekly Food Support for low-income individuals
  • Gardening education at the Giving Gardens - Beaverton Oregon
  • Cooking and Food Preservation Classes
  • Harvesting through nature - Farm2Forest, Tree Harvesting
  • SNAP- Housing- Health Insurance information/referral
  • Advocacy skills to promote independence
  • Holiday Program for budget success
  • Work experience through volunteering in various positions
  • Letters of work recommendations (after completing volunteer requirements)
  • Civil Rights and Discrimination video training
  • Food Safety Training
  • A strong local community support group 

Come See Us :

9100 SW Wilshire St.

Portland, OR 97229